First gig in 2016

postdate 19 December 2015
The first show in 2016 will be in good old Grunn with Overruled at the Benzinebar!

calendar14-01-2016 B.B. Sonic @ Benzinebar, Groningen
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Gig update August

postdate 9 August 2015
New gigs confirmed:

calendar12-09-2015 Anno Metal @ Anno Nu, Oldenzaal
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calendar16-10-2015 Sneker Metal Meeting @ The Legend, Sneek
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About reviews - part 2

postdate 15 May 2015
The world of reviews is a strange one indeed!

Just out of curiosity we had a second look at our list of webzines to see which ones had replied and which ones had not. In our previous post we already mentioned that about 50% (33 out of 65) of the contacted webzines actually wrote something about our album, a very respectable percentage compared to the 'low' percentage of 43% for our EP 'The Human Error'.

We thought it would be interesting to ask every webzine that had not responded for an update. We already had a 'no', so why not just ask if the review was ever going to be written (or definitely not). To our surprise we actually got some replies, many with the all too familiar excuses. On a sidenote: we understand these excuses all too well, because once all four of us wrote reviews for our own webzine.
Anyway, it was fun to see these excuses ranging from 'too busy', 'not seen your mail, now the album is too old to be reviewed' and 'we have lost contact with the reviewer were the cd was send to'.

The positive thing that rolled out of this is the fact that some webzines finally got the review done and scores are pretty high. Better late than never, should we not say? In one case however the review had already been done in January. Yeah, we make mistakes too! (Sorry Vlad). We even got a video review which can be seen below, very cool and unique!

The status quo: 38 out of 65 reviews = 58% (+8% increase).

To be continued? For now, check out the reviews below:

BE Ashladan 85/100
"En de spiegel van mijn loep springt spontaan stuk wanneer de eerste noten van openingsnummer Mr. Greedy door de speakers knallen. De brutaliteit spat er gewoon van af, en dat al van in het begin."

GR Crows n Bones
"[...] we are dealing with a exceptionally performed thrash metal which takes all the good elements from the old school era but leaves the rusty ones out. To their credit, they are not trying to mimic a specific thrash metal guru of the past, they have their own distinguished sound, a sound that stands out for the tight song structure, a tendency to melody, for the dozens of riffs and even more guitar works and generally for the more cerebral performed thrash metal."

DE Metal Album Promotion 8/10
"Ich denke hier können fans der alten old school thrash metal tage bedenkenlos zugreifen."

DK Metal Revolution 75/100
"Unlike many of the so-called modern thrash bands, Destitution focuses more on a good melody and variation in their sound, rather than just mediocre and chaotic noisy riff-attack. Don't get me wrong; Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man still offers some killer thrash elements, but with mature and listenable lyrics, good structure, solid musicianship and thoughtful song-writing. Of other pros of this debut I'll briefly just mention catchy chorus, nice melodies, awesome guitar leads, big hooks, mainly snarling vocals, intense drumming and solid bass lines."

PL Vladrocker 8/10
"Zróżnicowane tempa nie powodują poczucia przesytu, choć w tej muzie dzieje się bardzo dużo. Imponująca sekcja rytmiczna! Istotne urozmaicenie stanowią motywy półballadowe, kojarzące się z Testamentem. Zacny krążek, od którego trudno się uwolnić."

One year of fury and patience!

postdate 12 May 2015
Today on the eight birthday of Destitution it is exactly one year ago that we unleashed our debut album 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man' onto the world!

To celebrate we have lowered the price of our album from €13,00 to €6,66 and shipping worldwide for FREE! Every order will include a couple of stickers.

Order here: destitution.bandcamp.com or mail at:

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Massive photo update March

postdate 22 March 2015
Check out some photos from our gigs in the last few months!

Bar Meneer Jansen, 14 march 2015

Photos by Hendrik Smit

Angelfest @ Café de Engelenbak, 28 February 2015

Photos by Ernst van Rossum (1-15), Henk-Jan Graven (16-24)

Kick Asss Festival @ Lucky, 14 February 2015

Photos by Jeanny Petrocchi - Metalphoto.org (1-3), Lucky (4-6)

Metal Battle 2015 @ Vera, 13 February 2015

Photos by Joey Feikens (1-4), Elsemieke Meijer (5-6)

Gig update February

postdate 15 February 2015 (updated @ 27 February 2015)
New gigs confirmed:

calendar14-03-2015 Bar Meneer Jansen, Appingedam
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calendar16-05-2015 Emmen Metal Festival @ Blanko, Emmen
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Merchandise sale!

postdate 25 January 2015 (updated @ 27 February 2015)
Huge discounts on our Album (-25%) and T-shirt (-20%)! Furthermore we added some sharp priced packages.
Check out the flyers below!

Order at: destitution.bandcamp.com or mail at:

Sale will end on March 2nd!

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Gigs update 2015

postdate 25 January 2015
New gigs confirmed for 2015:

calendar13-02-2015 Metal Battle 2015 @ Vera, Groningen
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calendar14-02-2015 Kick Asss Festival @ Lucky, Rijssen
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calendar28-02-2015 Angelfest @ Café de Engelenbak, Doetinchem
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calendar28-03-2015 Kiehool, Bergum
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About reviews

postdate 2 January 2014
2014 is gone, the year that marked the release of 'Beware the Fury of the Patient Man'. Time to take a look at some review statistics:

- Sent promos to 65 webzines
- 33 reviews published to date
- 32 webzines remain silent
- Another 29 webzines were contacted, but never replied
- Only 1 promo got lost in the mailing process

Honestly, we expected to get back even less. Our EP 'The Human Error' was covered in 43% of the cases, so we're quite happy with the 50% feedback! In any case, it’s an interesting experience to send out stuff and see what happens with it.

Other things we noticed (this is the review about the reviews part):
We do think that an unsigned band with limited connections in the 'world of reviews' and who release an album on their own account is at a disadvantage compared to bands backed up by ('big') labels. We knew this from the start, so no whining here. Just a confirmation of what we already presumed.

We know it's hard to write a review without comparing to other bands, but some just don't seem capable of thinking a little outside of the box. We've seen comparisons with bands we don't even listen to, let alone be influenced by them. Of course everyone's entitled to compare us with whatever they want or hear in our music, so no accusations made. We just cannot help but chuckle when we see Celtic Frost or Sacred Reich being mentioned. We feel honoured none the less! 33 more bands float into the comparison chart (yes, we counted them all).

Again no offence, but especially the German reviewers were particularly keen on pointing out that thrash should always be played up-tempo. The term 'mid-tempo' is all over the place. It's fine, but we don't believe in the apparent existence of the thrash commandments. 'Ballads' are also a strictly forbidden theme so it seems. Except of course when it concerns Metallica, but were drifting of now.

All in all, scores were at the high side, so it seems were doing something right. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to write about and listen to our music!

We'll just continue on our own path in 2015 (as we've always done)!