Update November 2012

postdate 20 November 2012 (updated @ 7 December 2012)
As of this month we are concentrating on writing and rehearsing new material for our first full-length. We have not decided on a releasedate yet, as we tend to write until we are 200 procent satisfied with the outcome. We will keep you posted on updates here and on our Facebook page!

In the meanwhile our track Radiation will be featured on the Blown To Bits V compilation by Metalization. Download the complete package here!

Blown To Bits V

Update August 2012

postdate 20 August 2012 (updated @ 8 October 2012)
New gigs outside our homebase of Groningen:

- September 1st, we will be playing at the Occultfest in Hoogeveen as a replacement for When All Light Dies.
Other bands: Act Of State, Carach Angren, Disquiet, Ex Libris, Grim Ordeal, KhaoZ, Lord Volture, Mortal Form, None Shall Pass, Nymeria, Snaggletoöth, The Horrible Twunts, Undawn, Victimizer
Damage: € 10,00
Starts: 13.00

Website | Facebook Event | Photos

- September 21st, Mario's Metal Meeting 6 at Little Devil in Tilburg.
Other bands: Evil Invaders, Spidkilz, Tyranex
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 19.00

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- October 12th, Thrash Metal Night at Popcentrale in Dordrecht.
Other bands: Stigma, X-Tinxion
Damage: € 3,00
Starts: 20.00

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- October 20th, Metal Meltdown at Saturnus Live Music in Scheveningen.
Other bands: Angus
Damage: € 4,00
Starts: 20.30

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Update July 2012

postdate 11 July 2012
We have some new gigs for you:

- July 28th, we will return to the place of our live debut: Amsrock in Amsweer.
Damage: € 0,00
Starts: 20.00

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- September 21st, Mario's Metal Meeting 6 at Little Devil in Tilburg.
Other bands: Evil Invaders, Spidkilz, Tyranex
Damage: € 5,00
Starts: 19.00

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Review update

postdate 11 July 2012 (updated @ 6 December 2012)
These last couple of weeks we have been busy promoting 'The Human Error', so check out the reviews we got so far. More will be added as they drop in!

BE Ashladan 75/100
"Er wordt veel gespeeld met tempowisselingen en dat zorgt voor veel variatie, zowel in full thrash mode als in de tragere delen."

GB Ave Noctum 7/10
"The style of thrash is Bay Area predominantly, with quality lead work and a bit of harmony and with the vocals being powerfully clear and possessing a good mid range tone this Dutch outfit has got it balanced just right."

NL Brutalism 3/5
"Like a roller coaster, this EP is quite enjoyable for those who like Thrash in general."

MX Daemonum Zine 8/10
"Las liricas tratan los temas de la guerra, la destrucción del planeta y la exterminación de la raza humana, tópicos bonitos y filosóficos que bien nos podrían enseñar una lección de lo que estamos haciendo con el lugar que se nos prestó para vivir."

US Global Thrash Assault
"Simply put Destitution are perhaps the best band you never heard of, so do yourself a favor and change that by heading over to the band's official website and downloading The Human Error FOR FREE!"

DE Heavyhardes
"Ein kurzes, aber sehr angenehmes Vergnügen hat Destitution da geschaffen, davon möchte ich mehr haben, am liebsten in Form einer Langrille mit einem echten Label im Rücken. Verdient hätten die Käsköpp sich das auf jeden Fall."

NL Lords Of Metal 79/100
"This is an inventive bunch that manages to keep you pinpointing on their music in stead of staring out of the window and wondering which record to spin next."

NL Mario's Metal Mania 80/100
"Destitution exists of very good musicians, who master their instruments very well."

NL Metal Exposure
"Destitution delivers exactly what they promise: quality old school thrash metal. So will this make you enjoy your yellow comrade even more? Yes. After all, listening to a good metal band (especially live) with a drink is something we all love to do."

DK Metal Revolution 70/100
"Destitution delivers exactly what they promise: quality old school thrash metal that will make your beer taste even better!"

NL Metalrage 76/100
"This is a band with huge potential in the Dutch thrash metal scene."

DE NecroWeb.de 9/10
"Jeder, der sich dem Thrash Metal der alten Schule zugehörig fühlt, kann ohne Gefahr ein Ohr riskieren. Wer Bands wie Sodom, Kreator und Destruction zu seinen Lieblingen zählt, wird auch mit Destitution einen Hörgenuss bekommen."

DK Power Of Metal.dk 90/100
"Right, this has to be one of the best retro thrash releases of this summer!"

DE Powermetal.de
"Auszusetzen gibt es an dieser EP nichts, die Ausrichtung der Burschen gelangt recht früh gut ins Gehör, die Füße wippen, die Köpfe nicken, DESTITUTION beweisen auf "The Human Error" ein gutes Gespür für tolle, melodische Midtempo-Thrash-Songs, sodass es langsam Zeit für ein vollständiges Studioalbum wäre, nicht wahr?"

GB The Metal Crypt 3/5
"Destitution's sound is a suitably European style of thrash, particularly in their sense of melody which is always a boon."

NL Wings Of Death
"De nummers barsten van de ideeën en zijn dan ook in ieder geval heerlijk afwisselend."

NL Zware Metalen
"Het is noemenswaardig dat de band met zoveel verschillende bands is te vergelijken dat er eigenlijk niet één direct in me opkomt."

If you want to stay updated on the latest reviews, check our Facebook page and please LIKE the page if you like what you hear!

Update May 2012

postdate 14 May 2012
Various updates this time:

- First, apparently we are the opening act for Sodom Metal Open Air on the 9th of June, so make sure to get your ass over there at 14.00! More info and participation:

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- Second, we now have physical copies of 'The Human Error' available! Please contact us by mail, through Facebook or at one of our shows if you want one.

- Third, check out the first review of 'The Human Error' by Wings Of Death here.

- Fourth, awesome photos of our gig at the Benzinebar by Paul de Boer right here.

- And finally, check out an interview with Let There Be Rock here.

Update March 2012

postdate 21 March 2012
On April the 14th we will play at the Benzinebar in Groningen with Denim & Leather and Sadotank!
Enjoy your drink with us at 22.00!

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Furthermore, we have added some amazing photos from our gigs at the Metal Battle in Vera and Simplon.
Be sure to check out the Photos 2012 section!

Metal Battle at Vera

Photo by Niels Cornelis Meijer

Update February 2012

postdate 17 February 2012
We have been confirmed for the Emmen Metal Festival on the 13th of May! Thrashing starts at 13.50!

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Meanwhile, check out a report that OOG TV made of the Rode Oortjes festival. You can catch a glimpse of us at the beginning of the video (0:36).

Update January 2012

postdate 24 January 2012
Thrash mayhem in Groningen on the following dates:

- January 29th, preliminary rounds Rode Oortjes 2012 at Platformtheater in Groningen.
Other bands: Ministry Of Mudd, Paradox Machine, Ranyáda, Sixth Finger, The Rubicon.

Website | Flyer | Facebook Event

- February 24th, preliminary rounds Metal Battle 2012 at Vera in Groningen.
Other bands: Jötnar, Paradox Machine, The Horrible Twunts, Unamused.

Website | Facebook Event

- March 15th, Simplon in Groningen.
Other bands: Foul, Synovectomy, Braincasket.

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